Projects track record

10/03 EN>FR Translation of a 25 pages report for Fairtrade International

12/02 Launch of Re-School @ Bluefactory

11/02 FR/EN Interpreting for the US ambassador visit at Fribourg Cantonal Council

20/01 FR>EN Simultaneous interpreting for the two weeks tdh’s Coordination conference in Geneva

16/01 Attending the cycle de conférences 2020 in Bulle (organised by Salon de l’Entreprise)

16/12 Launch of Net’up @ Vibration Workingshare Fribourg

23/09 Communication about the next ASTTI’s regional group meeting

20/08 EN>FR translation of Sunrise’s financial report

07/08 Transcreation of marketing content for a client in the fashion industry

20/05 Committee meeting in preparation of the ASTTI’s Summer Financial Translation Conference

21/01 EN>FR revision of a research document for the UNIL’s Swiss Centre of Expertise in Social Sciences

07/01 ES<>FR interpreting for an audition at the Service of population and migrants of the canton of Fribourg

30/11 Consecutive interpreting for Laughter Yoga teacher Ananda Das

31/10 Hosting the ASTTI’s regional group meeting in Fribourg

22/10 EN>FR Translation of the presentation leaflet introducing a new innovative logistic solution

10/10 Revision EN>FR of a working paper for the Swiss Red Cross

05/10 Preparing for FR/EN interpreting at the Fribourg City’s welcome event

28/09 Kick off scientific committee works for the ASTTI’s Financial Translation Summer Conference

08/09 Regional gathering for translators to celebrate la Bénichon

04/09 FR>EN Translation of a reference letter

25/08 ES>FR Translation of diplomas and graduate certificate

13/08 Digital marketing solution Proposal for an Italy-based client

06/08 Bio and course description for a dance teacher

4-6/07 Attending the Financial Translation Summer University in Brussels

11/06 EN>FR Translation of the Geneva ABC book for children written by Olga Sokolik

30/05 EN>FR Translation of an internal document for Montblanc

17/05 FR>EN Translation of a website for B2B services

15/05 Preparation work for the next financial translation summer conference

09/05 Research paper on child protection applied in the canton of Fribourg with glossary FR/EN/ES

29/03 FR/EN interpreting at the Office for juvenile penal mediation

27/03 Attending the Digital Nomads life presentation by Wayan at The British Swiss Chamber of Commerce @ Zurich

23/03 Glossary of legal terms – Child Protection / Juvenile criminal law

08/03 Translation EN/FR of a press release announcing the launch of a new Montblanc special edition

05/03 FR/ES Interpreting at the justice of the peace court

02/03 Cognitive testing of the translation of a health questionnaire

23/02 FR/EN interpreting at the Office for juvenile penal mediation

21/02 FR/EN Edition and translation of a website offering professionnal services

20/02 FR/ES Interpreting for a pediatric consultation

19/02 Adaptation of email templates into Swiss French

16/02 Certified translation FR/ES of a certificate of inheritance

07/02 Organisation of the annual meeting of the ASTTI’s regional hosts

05/02 Training course – Interpreting in administrative and judicial settings

31/01 Building the product presentation for a new natural energy drink based on the translation EN/FR of existing marketing material

22/01 EN/FR Translation of a social innovation research brief for the LIVES department of UNIL

19/12 Editing of a press release for Montblanc

07/12 Creative Writing in French for a professional website

06/12 FR/ES interpreting for a consultation at the psychosocial centre