Note to Self – An Introduction by Jah9

Rising Jamaican female songwriter, singer and yoga instructor, Jah9 brings conscious lyrics in a captivating voice. A soulful interpretation of a powerful and authentic message to women, men and youth. In her latest album Note to self released in March this year, she brings encouragement and guidance, chanting the importance of knowing oneself, lighting the way to self-discovery. For the launch of this diamond, she created a narrative introduction in the form of a documentary to present the album's main themes. Since I first got to hear Jah9, at the time of her previous album '9', I've been inspired by her words, music and teachings, where she shows how dedication made possible what she has established so far. With the launch of this new album, I felt the will to contribute to somehow spread her teachings. So I transcribed Note to self - An introduction and then translated into French. Be inspired. Peace, Luv & Light Listen on youtube

Remember. Remember. Remember.
Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with her
Be patient with her, be honest with her
Forgive her, love her unconditionally,
Give her space, she’s growing, she’s learning
And even this moment will pass
And so much more is to come
And even if the time is short
My time is short
Her time is short
Love her anyway, forgive her anyway
And do it now. Do it now. Do it now.
Hey you,
Don’t be afraid of your own potential
Those big dreams and visions
haunting your mind
Don’t shut them out
Embrace the calling
Live the truth that’s burning inside you
You feel it
And even though you have no example
Or no blue print to follow
Trust yourself, trust the Most High
Trust that you are a beautiful becoming
if you choose to be
Whomever you are waiting for
whomever you are shrinking yourself for
they may not always be there
they may not always love you
so love yourself
Rise above your insecurities
never let go by the way
do the work
trust the process
and manifest.

the outside voices
are so loud sometimes
not even just the physical outside voices of the people around you
but the voices that are brought forward with advancement and technology
social media
all of these things
they might not even be actual voices
but they are opinions other than your own
instincts that don’t come from inside
we don’t even know how to recognize our inner voice
Do remember that thoughts are physical things too so not even all of your thoughts represent what you believe
what you have grown to know
sometimes the outside voices are things you have been programmed with and you don’t even realize it
it’s so crucial to learn what your inner voice is.
As a child, really search from your youth
they silenced you as children
crushed things onto you as children
they make it seems as though your own perspective isn’t valid
and even some of they want to embrace you as a child, wanting to come into your personal space as a child.
you have to train the youth that they are allowed to say no, you must give permission to people to touch you or come near you
let them be conscious but let them know that their personal power and their personal voices are important
so that they can recognize it as they grow older because when you silence that they will never realize what their own voice is and as they grow older, they might start associate their own voices with whatever it is they hear from outside so personal power comes from knowing yourself.
Note to self
As the decade passand I learn and observe more of the effects of choices made by myself and others. I grow more compassionate and tolerant and patient and calm.
I start realizing of many of the things that used to steer my sensitivity and emotions with less and less power to do so.
I see the fruits of my own labor ripening and feeding so many, feeding me.
And I’m better able and more confident to use and trust my own instincts.
I have read and researched and tried and tested and tasted and uncovered so much and as a writer I’m blessed with the gift of reflection.
Meaning I can literally trace through my own words this journey I have embarked on. All the information kept and broken, the discipline cultivated and the flow of it all.
My process has and continues to evolve but my reverence for the world remains.
So I write with the foreign tongue I have inherited and I draw symbols and shapes, sound
where and when the English language inevitably fails to provide the best means of expression.
You do have rights as a citizen
But more importantly they are universal laws that govern unfolding of life.
But it’s still up to you to shape a life out of the tools at your disposal
Your sense of self-importance is not to be inflected on others
It’s to be justified to yourself by your own actions and choices and the balance you are able to maintain or at least return to, when life inevitably brings the unexpected
Discipline, and ritual, and sacrifice, and self-care, and self-check, and time spent in silence or openness and flexibility and strength of character
Even when no one is watching
And strength of will
Even when no one else is waiting for you. This is a process. This is the real work of life which shapes us
We can choose to do this work ourselves or we can let ourselves be shaped by our circumstances.
But the choice is always ours. To each his or her own. For at the end of the day, we are all accountable for ourselves. We can only hope our journey is of use to the future generations.